Creating Without Conflict

Republished from JQA – and updated

Alongside the stimulating discussion at BECTU Freelancers’ Fair in early November 2013, Britain’s Got Bullies, a survey was launched across five unions – BECTU, the NUJ,  the Writers’ Guild, Musicians Union and Equity – to investigate how widespread bullying was across the entertainment industry.

795a83d8-1c6e-415c-b5a7-268f4dbf74a9Last year, the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU) launched an anti-bullying campaign and the survey Creating Without Conflict represented an important way of gathering evidence. It was not necessary to be a union member to take part – anyone who works in the entertainment, media and arts sectors was able to participate.

Those who took part and shared their views helped to gather information and the survey findings were reported at the FEU conference in November 2013. The researcher Cathy Johns who conducted the study is contributing to a new handbook about workplace bullying. More news soon.



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