This blog aims to provide support to those who have been, or are, targets of bullying in their workplace by providing information and links to organisations specialising in assistance.

It may also be useful to those who have been accused of bullying – sometimes these accusations come as a complete surprise to individuals and in these cases they need help just as much as targets of abusive behaviour.

Information and opinions from guest bloggers are invited. Contact me via jacksonquigg.

Anne-Marie Quigg
Author of ‘Bullying in the Arts: Vocation, Exploitation and Abuse of Power‘ (2011) and Editor of ‘The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying‘ (2015)

 A recent article by Piers Jackson and Anne-Marie Quigg in Arts Professional (2017).

For information on recent and current events visit our home site.


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. “It’s very difficult to beat someone who never gives up”-Babe Ruth.

  2. Best of luck with this cause. It is prevalent and subtle.

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